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Invia il tuo abstract entro e non oltre il 29 novembre 10 ° CONFERENZA ICN NP / APN Rotterdam 26-29 agosto 2018

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Submit your abstracts no later than 29 November 
best practices are also encouraged
We would kindly like to remind you of the upcomming deadline for sumbiting your abstract for the 10th ICN NP/APN Conference. The online submission system will be open until 29 November 2017. 
Please know that we welcome not only abstracts about research, but also abstracts about best practices. This could be for short presentations, but also an interactive workshop or a round table session. One of the goals of the conference is that we learn from each other and that we inspire each other. In order to do so we would also gladly receive abstracts of best practices. 

Please click here to view the complete call for abstracts in PDF.

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