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Logo Cnai.jpgBenvenuto nell'area studenti della Consociazione Nazionale delle Associazioni Infermiere/i. Quest'area è dedicata a chi ha scelto di entrare in questa professione. Essa vuole diventare un punto d'incontro per tutti coloro che cercano materiale, la soluzione di dubbi, l'incontro di persone con diverse esperienze o semplicemente un' idea da sviluppare.

  ENSA  ENSA (The European Nursing Student Association)

The European Nursing Student Association (ENSA) is an organised network for cooperation between national nursing student organisations or colleges of nursing in Europe. The purpose of ENSA is to bring together European nursing students and representatives from all countries across Europe.We want to discuss both practical and theoretical parts of our education, look at the differences and similarities, give and receive advice, and help each other understand the world of nursing.It is a way of stimulating each other to try to change adverse situations. Solidarity is, therefore, an essential quality within the group, and the members can benefit by taking part in it.ENSA is an advisory body and is following the members' national policies.The main aims of ENSA are:

• To promote the highest possible standard of education for European nursing students so that, accordingly, the highest possible standards of nursing and health service for individuals are promoted and maintained, unrestricted by conditions of race, creed, colour, politics, and social status
• To promote further interest of nursing students and to encourage high professional ideals among them
• To promote and foster international understanding among nursing students
• To advise, if requested, on the creation and development of national nursing students organisations.

All our work is done by members of ENSA on a voluntary basis.Each year, ENSA arranges a Professional Conference within its Annual General Meeting in one of the members countries. The subject of the conference varies, but it has to deal with problems within the nursing profession and education. At the AGM, new executive members are elected.All non-member countries are welcome to participate in ENSA activities and meetings.
If you wish to contact us you can send an e-mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Briefing about the ENSA Annual General Meeting, 24.-28.10.2012 in Novi Sad, Serbia



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IND 2018: infermieri una voce che guida, la salute è un diritto umano

L'International Council of Nurses ha già annunciato il tema per la giornata internazionale dell'infermiere 2018
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